Logging In


What should I do if I get a 'Your username does not match your 'Password message?

Make sure you have entered the information correctly. Keep in mind that your password is case sensitive. This means that if your password is 'AAA' (upper case), but you type in 'aaa' (lower case), you will not be able to access the site.


What should I do if I get an expired session?

For security reasons, accounts which have been inactive for 30 minutes or longer will be automatically disconnected from our site, and returned to the login page. If this happens to you, please re-login on the main page.


When i click 'Login' I get sent back to the main page. Why?

If you have come to the site through a link within an email, you should open a new browser window, and manually enter the address into the address bar. We also suggest you check the 'Privacy Settings' on your browser. 




How do i check my mail?

To access your mailbox, login to your account and then click on the 'Messages' link at the top of your page. This will take you directly to your 'Inbox', where received messages are shown. Click on the 'From' line of a message and you will be able to read your mail.


How do I send mail to another member?

Go to your mailbox, and click the 'Compose' tab. Fill in the Username of the member(s) you want to contact ( or select a Username from the 'Favorites' drop down box), the subject of the mail, and the actual letter that you want to send. When you are done, click the 'Send' button, and your letter will be delivered. The length of each message is limited to 10,000 characters. 


What should I say in my messsage?

The content of your email to other members is entirely up to you; however there are some basic guidelines to keep in mind. Your messages should not contain any vulgar, abusive, or otherwise offensive language. Also, advertising other websites or services is not permitted. If our Support Department receives complaints about a user, it is possible that their email privileges may be revoked.





How do I do a basic search?

If you want to do a basic search of the profiles or search based on only a few criteria, click on 'Search' at the top of the page. This will take you to the 'Basic Search' area where you can fill in your criteria. Once you have completed the search form, click on 'Start Searching', for results with pictures, remember to check the 'Photo required' box.


 How can i search for profiles based on different criteria like smoking habits, age, location, religion, etc.?

If you want to do a more detailed search, click on 'Search' on the top of your page, followed bt the 'Advanced Search' link located on the beige navigation bar. Fill in all the criteria that you think are important, and when you are finished, click on the 'Start Advanced Search' button. You do not have to answer all the questions for the search to be performed. For results with pictures, remember to check the 'Photo required' box. 





What are the best browser settings?

To improve the performance of our site, we suggest you check the 'Privacy Settings' on your browser. These can usually be found under 'Tools-Internet Options' - 'Privacy' in Internet Explorer, and 'Settings' - 'Show Advanced Setting' - 'Privacy' in chrome. It is important that your settings be no higher than a 'Medium' level.


My acount is showing older/inaccurate information. What to Do?

If you are experiencing this situation, it is probably a result of your web browsers 'Cache Files'. These files contain saved web page information, used to increase loading speed. Just clear the browser cache in whatever browser you are using. This should resolve the difficulties you are experiencing.




How do I find out who has shown 'Interest' In me?

If you want to see who has shown 'Interest' in you, click on the 'Messages' link at the top of the screen, followed by the 'Who's Interested' link on the beige navigation bar. This will show you a list of all the people who have shown 'Interest' in your profile. From here you can click on the user(s) Username to see their full profile.


How many 'Interest' am I allowed to send?

The amount of 'Interests' you are allowed to send is currently limited to 100 per day.


My Account


How do I update the information in my profile?

If you want to update any information in your profile, click on 'My Account' at the top of the page. In the 'Edit profile' area you eill see four options for changing your profile information. Remember to click the 'Update' button when you are finished making changes. Your updated profile information will not be displayed right away. Our staff must first audit all changes and additions before they are displayed on the site.


 How do I change my password?

If you wan to change youer password, click on 'My Account' at the top of your page, and then select 'Settings' tab from the top of the page. At the bottom of the following screen, enter your old password, and then your new password twice for conformation purposes. Click the 'Update' button to save your changes.





What are the Photo rules and regulations?


  1. The maximum file size your photo can be is 2MB (2000Kb).
  2.  Please make sure that your picture is in one of the following digital formats.
  4.    Make sure that your photo is taken showing your face from the front. Try to find a picture where yourt face is situated in the middle of the picture.
  5. Try to choose a photo in which your face can be clearly seen, and the lighting is good.
  6. Photo's containing your email address, website URL's, or any other form of personal contact will not be accepted.
  7. Avoid small photo's. Your photo must be at least 150 pixels wide X 150 pixels high.
  8. For best results use  photo that is at least 400 pixels wide X 400 pixels high. 
  9. Try to select a photo that was taken recently and one that represents you.
  10. We know that you love your body, but sorry, nude pictures are not allowed.
  11. Obscene, sexual or otherwise offensive photo's will not be posted.
  12. We currently do not accept cartoons, artwork, childhood photo's, or photo's where your face is not visible.


Why is my photo cropped?

As a rule we do not crop our member(s) photo's unless the particular photo exceeds the large photo requirments. You can access your original photo by clicking the 'My Account' tab on top of the home page., then click on the 'view Photo' tab, there you will find each of your large photo's as they were submitted. Please note that every photo entered into the system is re-sized from the original version. We create a medium size photo as well as a thumbnail version from the original photo. These are used in the search results and the profile view.




What is 'Favorites'?

Favorites are the member(s) you are interested in and have added them to your 'Favorites List' for easy access to their profile.


How do I add Interested member(s) to the Favorites List?

When you view a member(s) profile, you will see the 'Add to Favorites' link shown in red on the right side of the member(s) general profile section. Click on the 'Add to Favorites' link, then make a comment about this member(s) and click 'Add'. If you know the username of the member(s) you wish to add on your list, you can also ass them manually under 'Favorites'. Simply click on the 'Add' tab under your 'Favorites List' , enter the username, comment and click 'Add'.


How do I view my 'Favorites?

To view your 'Favorites List', click on 'Message' at the top of your profile home page followed by the 'Favorites' tab. You will now see the list of member(s) you have added on the list.